Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is powerfully committed to protective the privacy of this site’s guests. to it extent, we have a tendency to square measure the only real house owners of all data collected on this website.


Any data is collected so as to deliver the services you have got requested.


This policy applies solely to the promoting information processing system and to not alternative companies’ or organizations’ internet sites to that we have a tendency to link. is committed to protective personal data, by following accountable data handling practices keep with privacy laws. uses data and communication technologies to support our activities. Our Privacy Statement covers and our website.


Anonymous Access


You can access our website homepage and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. As a general policy, NO personal information is collected from our visitors. The only personal information captured through our Web site is the information that you volunteer such as your email address or perhaps a mailing address that will enable us to send to you requested information. We do not share any names or email addresses collected during any registration process on this website with third parties. We do not share, sell, rent, exchange, or give any contact information to anyone.


Safeguards are in place to ensure that the information is not disclosed or shared for any other purposes.


Use of Cookies


A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a website to the hard drive of your computer so that the website may identify separate visitors to the site and track users’ activities on the website. A cookie will not let a website know any personally identifiable information about you, such as your real name and address.


We collect information about you only if you volunteer it.


Newsletter Subscriptions


When you subscribe to a  Newsletter, you need only supply an email address. This email address is used to deliver the e-mail newsletter to you. Your email is not used or known by any other newsletter subscriber, organization, Web site or government agency.


Links on our Website


Because wants your website experience to be informational and resourceful, our Website also provides a number of links to third party sites. assumes no responsibility for the information practices of sites you are able to access through our site. We encourage visitors to review each site’s privacy policy before disclosing any personally identifiable information.


Your Choice


We collect personal data you volunteer online, or when you make use of or register for our activities and services, in order to better meet your program, service and information needs.


We also use and disclose data, which does not identify individuals, for statistical purposes to develop and enhance activities and services.


We may also collect personal information in order to satisfy legal, government and regulatory obligations.


If you supply us with your contact information, you may hear from us about important information concerning the activity or project in which you are involved.


Information Sharing


We collect personal information at the user’s discretion. This information will be limited to the purpose described to the user when requesting that information. A practical example of a situation like this would be that we may request the user’s name and e-mail address in order to send updates of changes to our website or emailing of specific information about our programs. We would not send invitations to events unless the user gives their permission. Similarly, we will not solicit donations using the information received from the user unless the user gives their permission. Permission will not be assumed.”


We will collect information for statistical purposes for administration of the website. The hold on data won’t embody any data that reveals any contact data of the user.


Confidentiality / Security maintains physical, electronic and body safeguards that square measure acceptable to the kind of private data we have a tendency to acquire from you. workers and volunteers having access to non-public knowledge square measure needed to respect the confidentiality of private data and handle it responsibly.

Highly Special Note About Google Advertising

Any advertisements served by Google, Inc. and affiliated companies may be controlled using cookies. These cookies allow Google to display ads based on your visits to this site and other sites that use Google advertising services. Learn how to opt out of Google’s cookie usage. As mentioned above, any tracking done by Google through cookies and other mechanisms is subject to Google’s own privacy policies.


Privacy queries

If you’re conscious of any quality or changes within the personal data that we have a tendency to hold concerning you, please contact Associate in Nursing workers.


If you have got a grievance or concern concerning data handling practices, we have a tendency to encourage you to speak to us you’ll contact Chief Privacy Officer. you’ll be asked to produce the subsequent data in writing:


Your name, address or fax range wherever you favor being reached;


Nature of your grievance, relevant details, and what you’d like us. to do;


Name of the workers with whom you have got already mentioned the problem.


LDSM can investigate and assist with resolution your concern.


Ongoing connection often reviews its policies and procedures to confirm we have a tendency to stay current with ever-changing laws and evolving public expectations. promoting welcomes comments and queries on this policy. thanks to the evolving nature of the technologies we have a tendency to use to speak with you, we have a tendency to might sometimes update this policy. Notice of any revisions is denoted to the current website. Any comments or queries relating to our privacy practices, please contact at [email protected]